• For indoor and outdoor use: weather-proof in rain, snow and sun
  • Very flexible: 100% wireless and high transmission range thanks to base station
  • Low maintenance: Minimal power consumption and a long-lasting battery of up to 13 months
  • Detection made easy: Detailed images and colour pictures even at night
  • Always up to date: push notifications on the free app and images/videos can be accessed even on the go
  • Operation is flexible locally or via Internet, offers local data storage in the base station and offers all functions completely without cloud subscription.
  • Camera and base station are already connected in the set and can be intuitively connected to the in-house WLAN network.
  • Flexible wall bracket with sabotage protection and simultaneously easy mounting optimized for quick change to charge the battery

No plug socket to hand? ABUS Battery Cams’re 100% wireless weatherproof Wi-Fi surveillance cam for your home or any location where a Wi-Fi solution is needed —with 2MPx, 2-way communication function, and stadard push-ups.

Easy installation & user-friendly app
First live pics will be sent to the free App2Cam Plus app within mins, w/o even registering the cams. Battery Cams can be installed quickly and securely due to their innovative bracket design.

Long-life battery
The cams have a battery life of up to 13 months under continuous operation, due to stand-by mode and smart motion detection functionality. If battery is running low, you’ll receive a push-up via the app. It can be recharged in just 4 h.

Flexible application
The base provided with the cams increases their range enormously. Simply plug the base into a socket inside using a USB adapter and connect it to the router via Wi-Fi. The App2Cam Plus app can transmit live pics and recs from up to 8 base with 2 cams each. You can even view them online when you’re on holiday or out.

Outdoor & nighttime use
Due to full HD, white light LED, and low light functionality, the cam produces clear, detailed, color pics day and night. The horizontal design is ideal when installing the cams at ceiling height, and the 120° viewing angle provides a fantastic overview. The cam is certified to protection class IP65, meaning it is weatherproof against rain, snow, and UV radiation from the sun.

Secure data transfer & local data storage
The cams transfer data in an encrypted format directly to the base, not via any online or cloud service. The base (positioned in a secure location inside) stores the data directly on its internal micro SD card at no additional cost.

Weight [g]: 731

ABUS Wi-Fi Battery Cam with Base Station

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